3 Key Factors Make Panama A Great Place For Coffee

Panama has been a coffee-producing country for over one century, but it wasn’t until 2004, at the “Best of Panama” coffee auction, that the Geisha varietal from Hacienda La Esmeralda catapulted the country as a “Super Specialty” powerhouse. At the time, Geisha set a record-breaking $21 per pound auction price. Fast-forward 15 years and a lot from coffee producer Ninety Plus broke its own world record for most expensive coffee ever sold, sending green coffee to Espresso Lab in Dubai (UAE) for $10,000 per kilogram ($4,535 per pound).

The demand and excitement for Panama Geisha brought about a coffee revolution in the Panamanian highlands, attracting roasters and buyers from all over the world, and pushing growers to begin experimenting not only with new Geisha lots, but with other high-quality varietals like :

  • Typica
  • Bourbon
  • Maragogype
  • Caturra
  • Catuai
  • Pacamara

While Panama has one of the best coffees in the world, three key factors make Panama a great place for coffee: the terroir, its varietals, and innovations.

Panama has a unique terroir with wind currents from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and unique climate conditions. The lands that surround the dormant Barú volcano, Panama’s highest point, their volcanic soil, high altitude, sunny mornings and cold nights, all come together to create the perfect conditions required for the growth, maturity and sweetness of the perfect coffee cherry.

The arrival of the Geisha varietal to Panama was a game changer. The unique terroir of the Panama highlands allows floral, citric and fruity notes to develop in the Geisha varietal, and these notes are more pronounced and intense than in most places where the varietal is cultivated, including Geisha, Ethiopia, the plants hometown.

Besides its blessed terroir and its varietals, Panama’s coffee success, the uniqueness and excitement that can be found in each cup, has been possible thanks in large part by the willingness of local producers to experiment and innovate with the latest techniques in aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, the use of yeasts, carbon maceration, and other drying methods.

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