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Lypper Budgeting Tools

Track Assets & Liabilities | Track & Manage your Budget

The road to financial freedom starts with knowing where your money is going. Get organized with two handy tools you can start with right away: 1) Assets and Liabilities Tool, and 2) Budget Tracker. These are living and breathing tools that you should keep handy and updated as your financial situation evolves.

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Click here to download Excel file: Budget Tracker

Tips for Making Extra Cash

Living paycheck to paycheck can lead to frustration, even depression! Whether your goal is to save more or spend more, the job, or jobs, that helps pay for your monthly obligations only goes so far. Not to mention unplanned emergencies! Yes, you can cut down on expenses but there’s only so much fat you can trim at the expense of huge sacrifices. There are things that we must do, like paying bills on time, and things we want to do, or do more of to help keep our sanity. Discover several tips to make extra cash...

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Tobacco consumers 21+ can get paid for their opinions on tobacco products

Tips for Keeping More or Your Money

Balancing your checkbook at the end of the month can be challenging. You want to keep your Netflix and your cable TV! Your car or home insurance payments have steadily crept up year after year! You’ve been procrastinating about cancelling that gym membership you no longer use! Whatever the issue, here are 14 tips to help you keep more of your money...

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Mint is perfect for those getting started and want a tool with no out-of-pocket cost. It not only tracks transactions, but also helps you set goals, build budgets, and stay on top of your bills. Connecting with outside financial institutions is quick and easy.

YNAB truly pushes people to take control of their money and helps you find trouble spots.  They offer a lot of free resources that you can access whether you use their software or not.  After a 34-day free trial, it costs $50 per year but it’s well worth it.

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Personal Capital lets you keep an eye on your accounts all in one place.  It displays things like your portfolio balance, market indexes, and “investable cash”.  Its strength is its investment and retirement tools.

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Student Loans

These lenders provide competitive loan consolidation options and first time users could be eligible for a sign-up bonus by following our links and completing their application process.

Online Banking rated these as the top online banks for 2017 based on their rates and terms for checking, savings, money market accounts and CD rates. They also offer services such as mortgages and auto loans.

Credit Card Debt

Whether you’re looking for a low APR card or to transfer a high interest credit card balance you can find the credit card that’s right for you!

Grow Wealth

The decisions you make today will impact the lifestyle you can afford in retirement! Whether you have a little extra cash left over at the end of the month or gobs of cash, putting some money aside every month will help ensure a fatter bank account as you invest your way to retirement. For a refresher on Harnessing the Power of Compounding, check out our video on the home page!

Resume Writing & Job Search

Whether you’re looking to get ahead within your industry or changing careers, professional resume writers are experts in making your resume stand out from the rest of the applicant pool. This is an investment in your career that will translate into higher long-term earnings. Once you have a professionally written resume, it’s time to upload it onto job boards.

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